Common Sense Approach to Weight Loss and Management

If you are overweight and are looking to loose weight you are not alone. There are millions out there who are looking for way and means to reduce their weight. Obesity has become a major bane of the modern times especially since gadgets have replaced manual work and thus rendered us physically inactive.

It is quite natural and probably that you will approach a health and fitness expert who will recommend a program for you which involves a diet and exercise regimen, thereby help you achieve a balance in your intake and output of calories. This is the basic foundation of maintaining healthy body and weight.

In this section however we would like to draw your attention to something else altogether. Many people despite exercising continue to be overweight because they continue to eat and consume food. Unless we understand the causes that have lead to being overweight, going through a diet and fitness program will not help. It is important to pin point the reasons that are causing an individual to resort to over eating and try to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Many times people begin to over eat as a result of a response to an emotional trauma or anxiety. The fear of facing some kind of situation which causes anxiety causes the mind to resort to eating as a protective mechanism. In many others eating disorders could be present again due to deep routed complexes or other psychological factors. The mind triggers an alert to the body which stores up extra fat in order to get ready for a perceived threat and thus the individual always ends up eating in order to beat the stress.

In many cases diet and exercising alone will not be of help to maintain weight loss. It becomes important for the individuals to undergo psychological counseling to understand and remove the deep seated mental tendencies and fears. It is the same even in case of people who find it difficult to eat and put on weight and find them selves to be underweight all the time.

One other common reason why people put on weight is due to stress. Stress in everyday life comes in many forms. Financial worries and burdens cause stress. Then there is stress of work faced in the office life. Many people get stressed out having to manage home, children and office. Lack of sleep too another common cause of people putting on weight resulting out of irregular metabolism and eating habits.

In most cases it is very simple to loose weight just by using common sense to understand where we are getting worked up and correcting that part of our emotional make up or by making changes to our lifestyle habits.

Our lifestyle today is devoid of manual work and exercising. Availability of internet has enabled us to work and conduct all our activities from home instead of having to walk down to the market and to the bank etc. Availability of cars and transport has reduced our incidences of having to walk. General lifestyle has become such that we do not need to exert any efforts at all. Hence our calorie utilization tends to be much lesser than our intake. At every possible opportunity if you make it a point of to walk instead of drive, do things like picking up things by bending down or stretching up etc in daily routine you will get a lot of flexibility in your body.

The key to weight management also consists of knowing a bit more about which food to avoid and what quantities of food are apt for your body. Making changes in this section involves learning to eat healthy and stop eating junk food, drinking soft drinks and binging on sweets. Replace all these with healthy fruits, dry fruits and cereal bars.

It is very easy for you to work out your own routine and managing your weight, for you know your body best. You will only need to understand the principles of how human metabolism and body functions for you to be able to devise a best methods and options on your own.