Acomplia is an effective prescription drug that has been clinically proved to be effective for reducing weight

Acomplia is an effective prescription drug that has been clinically proved to be effective for reducing weight. The drug also reduces the urge for more food and also helps to quit smoking. Acomplia is also known to improve HDL (good cholesterol) and triglyceride levels in the body.

It has also been said that Acomplia improves heart conditions. The drug is known to lower fat, improve sugar levels and cholesterol levels, which helps a great deal for diabetic patients.

It is the active ingredient Rimonabant in Acomplia that helps in reducing the weight and reducing the urge for food. A cannabinoid receptor antagonist, Rimonabant resists the action of CBI receptors (neurotransmitters), which stimulates appetite in the body. Rimonabant acts on these Neurotransmitters and sent a fake signal that the stomach is full, thus making the brain to send a stop-eating signal.

Always follow the doctor’s prescription while you are on Acomplia medication. Well, the recommended dosage is 20 mg Acomplia tablet daily. It is advised to take the drug before breakfast. When taking the drug, you should only swallow it and not break, crush or chew it. Well, if you want to have better results, the drug should be accompanied by regular exercise and healthy diet.

If you want good results, never miss a dosage. In case you miss any dosage by mistake, take it as soon as you remember it. Well, never go for two does as it can only do more harm.

Once your doctor decides to prescribe Acomplia for you, it is better to discuss with him about all your present and past health condition. Your doctor should know if you have a history of epilepsy or renal problems. Inform you doctor if you have any hereditary problems of galactose intolerance of if you are using any potent CYP3A4 inhibitors. Let your doctor know if you are allergic to any medicine, food or any other substance, including the ingredients of Acomplia.

Your doctor will not prescribe Acomplia or he may go for dosage regulation if you have these conditions; history of severe renal problems, uncontrolled psychiatric problems and history of cardiovascular complications.

Acomplia may also be not prescribed if you are pregnant or breast-feeding as the drug is found to cause harm to the unborn and the newborn. When using Acomplia, take some birth control precaution and also better not feed the babe.

The clinical trials have shown that Acomplia is very effective for not only reducing weight but also for getting rid of smoking.

Just like other medicines, Acomplia also comes with many side effects. But Acomplia only comes a fewer side effects and the problems are only seen in the initial days. Some of the mild side effects that are seen with Acomplia are vomiting, dizziness, Hypoglycaemia and nausea. If these symptoms worsen, you have to consult your doctor immediately.

A multiple purpose drug, Acomplia though comes with certain side effects is widely prescribed for weight loss and to quit smoking.