Are You Taking a Risk?

Have you been considering joining a slimming program or going in for pills that promise weight loss? Please stop and do not proceed until you have read this article and given a thought to the entire matter.

The health and fitness market is full of products and programs that offer weight loss. It is natural for people to see the colorful advertisement, read through the same and sign up for it.

However the matter of weight loss is something deeper than what you think it is. It is quite likely that you are motivated by the mental image of having a perfectly shaped and slim body. But going in for a weight loss program will mean that you are tampering with your natural body balance and health. Weight loss directly affects your metabolism and if pursued without proper guidance of medical experts can get you into trouble.

Obesity is a problem that most of the people are fighting with today. However if you understand the basic method of fat accumulation in the body and the body’s mechanism of using up the stored fat, you will see that any weight loss would involve burning up the fat which is possible only through physical exercising combined with diet. So pills and other ready made products that offer you instant weight loss without the required exercising to burn calories will not help. At best they are likely to get rid of the excess fluid retention in the body rather than burning up fat. Hence keep all those program and products aside for they will not help you reduce your weight and sustain the weight loss.

There are two aspects of weight management. The first part is to do with weight loss and the second part which is equally important is to do with maintaining the weight loss.

Any physical fitness expert and medical expert with tell you that a crash diet and drastic reduction of body weight is bad for your metabolism and health. When you sign up for a crash diet program or consume slimming powder etc, you are interfering with your natural metabolism. Your digestive system gets affected. With a crash diet you will end up starving your body of the required nutrition which will immediately trigger a sense of panic or alert in the body. As a response the body begins to start demanding more intake of food to store up and make up for the lost fat reserve.

Hence the weight loss has to be natural and gradual. To be able to maintain the same state after having lost the weight you would need to manage through your lifestyle by following low fat, fiber and nutrition based food with plenty of physical exercise, plenty of fluids and cardio vascular exercises. If you keep the metabolism of the body at a peak rate, it will burn up all the calories consumed and avoid weight accumulation.

Before you head for a weight loss program, understand all about the medical facts about weight management and take the advice from medical experts before you sign up for any program.