Basic facts concerning your body weight

Fast paced urban lifestyle has altered the way we live. Technology has made it possible for us to be able to sit in the comfortable environment of our home and do our shopping, banking etc without having to step out of home. The only time we seem to step out of home is to step into our car and zoon off.

But with increasing facilities and technology driven solutions, our physical labor and work has reduced. Most of the people today have to fight the lifestyle disease or problem of being over weight. Availability of junk food, soft drinks and nutritious food has added fuel to the fire.

What happens in such a lifestyle is that one is always used to working at mental level causing mental fatigue. There is no sufficient physical exercise and besides the food that you eat contains very high amounts of protein and fat. Slowly over a period of time the fat begins to get accumulated in the body and stored up in the body especially around the midriff and hips.

If the body balance has to be maintained, the calorie value consumed through food in a day should be equal to or less than the output. Therefore either you will need to exercise more or eat less. This is what the dietician help you do, to balance your calorie requirement with the intake.

Another fact that is relevant to be mentioned here is that the calorie requirement of the body decreases with aging. With children and youth up to the age of 25 years they are physically very active and play a lot. Therefore they burn up food faster than they eat. But as one grows older and takes up a job, there is less of playing and physical activity and the life starts getting more sedentary. The body does not need the same amount of energy and calories now as compared to earlier. However normally we do not tend to reduce our eating habits and continue eating the same things and in the same quantity.

To arrive at the ideal body weight, one would need to calculate using the BMI or Body Mass Index which takes into account your height as well as age to calculate the ideal body weight. In case of women the body weight should be a little more than the men.

If you are wondering why everybody insists that you do exercising or go on a diet to reduce weight, let us explain the facts to you. It may be that you are still young and are able to carry your extra weight easily and do not feel the burden, but then you are not aware of the fact that you are overstretching your body beyond its limit and after a while it will simply give way. What happens when you load a donkey with a load that is too much for it to carry, it simply buckles under the weight. Similarly your body too will buckle under its own weight.

You knees, ankles, hip joints and backbone etc are designed to carry a specific body weight and shape. When you put on weight, it is these parts that are bearing the brunt of the weight and very soon they wear out and you will find yourself in a precarious position. Knees start paining and in some cases doctor might advise you to go for knee replacement surgery. You are prone to slip disc as well as lower backache for the spinal column and ribs are bearing the brunt of your overweight. Not to forget the other medical problems that you will invite including risk of diabetes, blood pressure, heart attacks and multi organ failure etc.

So watch what you eat. Walk whenever you can instead of driving and begin diet and exercising today for a healthy tomorrow.