Caralluma is a prescription medication that is now available online. Caralluma is a medication that will work with your body to control your appetite. Appetite suppressants control the cravings so you can concentrate on losing the weight faster.

Used by millions who are overweight, Caralluma is proven to help fight the weight loss battle. Caralluma works best when combined with daily exercise to burn those stored calories in your body.

Caralluma, an appetite suppressant, is best when taken about an hour before you are ready to eat your meal. Taken with a glass of water, this fast acting medication helps you gain control over the urge to eat ‘as much’.

Losing weight is a task that you will have to work towards, and Caralluma is a medication that can be taken up to three months in order for you to meet all of your goals. Caralluma works as a sustained released medication that is released continually through your body all day long so you are less likely to binge.

Some Caralluma users do experience sleeplessness, upset stomach or constipation during the first few days of using Caralluma but usually these symptoms subside. This Caralluma medication is a prescription that can interact with other appetite suppressants, so you should not take more than one type of appetite suppressant at a time.

Those people with high blood pressure or who are taking any type of MAO inhibitors should not take Caralluma as the effects are dangerous when mixing the two drugs.