Causes of Obesity

What Causes People To Become Obese?

Most people become overweight or obese by:

  • Taking in more calories than are burned
  • Surplus calories will be converted into extra weight
  • Each person differs in weight gain due to pre-existing factors like genetics, health issues and mobility

Consumed calories and calories burnt by your body must be balanced in order to maintain a consistent weight.

To lose weight, your body must burn more calories than it takes in.

We gain weight because we eat more calories than our body burns. Excess calories are stored as fat.

There are some illnesses, such as Cushings Disease, which cause us to gain weight. We have no control over these. If you believe you have a condition which you believe causes you to gain weight, see your doctor - (s)he may be able to help.

Some other things may lead to weight gain, such as genetics, environmental factors, psychological issues, physical inactivity due to injury or illness, and eating disorders, such as BED (binge eating disorder).