Change Your Attitude to Loose Weight

Over the last few decades our quality of life has changed, so have our struggles. We live in a very funny world. On one hand we are battling with malnutrition and infant mortality whereas on the other we are struggling with overweight problems. Scarcity and excess both exist in our world and perhaps this is called duality.

One can safely assume that the earlier generations were far healthier and lived longer without much of problems because they lived a very active lifestyle. Their living involved a lot of physical work. The pollution levels were not so high. They grew vegetables and food stuff without much of pesticides and consumed healthy food. Whatever they ate got digested easily with the amount of physical work that they were involved in.

Slowly as technology advanced we replaced machines to do all our manual work. We now have cars to take us to places. We eat junk food and no longer eat home cooked healthy meal. We hardly do any physical work. Instead we are working all the time mentally and intellectually. We are on 24 x 7 duty all the time thinking and working with very little scope for relaxation. We have become the byproducts of what is called urban stress. This stressful living has given rise to obesity and related problems.

If you thought that the present century is grappling with cancer and HIV as the epidemics, you could be mistaken for obesity is the silent killer catching up on the people of all walks of life and of all ages. From children to youth as well as adults and senior citizens are grappling under obesity problems. If there is an increase in diabetes and hypertension, obesity is to be blamed.

It is quite possible that most people will be forced to enroll themselves into wellness clinics or fitness centers and follow a strict regimen of diet followed by exercising to reduce weight. It will take an individual anywhere between three to six months to be able to loose weight and get into a normal stage by reducing the amount of calories consumed and burning up the calories thus matching the intake with the output.

While you will focus on reducing weight during the program, it is quite possible that once you finish with the program you loose your focus and go back to your old ways. The secret of weight management lies in controlling your weight after you have lost weight. Most people do not understand this aspect and hence tend to put on weight after they are through with the program.

After you have lost weight, you should understand your body condition and learn how to keep up the same weight and manage it. This calls for making changes to your lifestyle as well as to your thinking pattern.

Adhering to a diet on daily basis will not be possible for you to sustain. Therefore the changes that you make to your lifestyle should be permanent and help you achieve your goals. For this purpose you should first read up and try to understand all about calories, how your body gets calories through the food you eat. You should also understand more about which kind of food yields what calories. When you have understood the constituents of the food, you are in a better position to work out your daily combination of fresh fruits, vegetables, light meat combined with diary products that will give you sufficient nutrition.

Along with understanding and eating nutritious food, what counts is how you eat the food. You should avoid snacking as much as possible but at the same time eat a fruit or some nuts every time you feel like snacking or at mid day and fore noon times. Another important habit that you should follow is to drink at least three liters of water on daily basis. This will help you maintain your diet and weight as well besides removing toxins from your body and keeping your system healthy.

There are many things you can adapt in your daily habits with an attempt to be physically active. Whenever possible hang up the cloths to dry by yourself instead of using a stick or a stand. Thereby you get sufficient physical exercise. Bend down to pick up things lying on the ground. When ever you get a chance to get up and open the door or pick up something from another room, make it a point to do so swiftly and look at it as a chance to burn calories. You burn calories even by washing dishes, doing your bed, dusting and all domestic chores. Whenever you get a chance make it a point to walk to the post office, to the florist and for every small thing.

Finally try to pack your minutes in the day with one or the other activity with adequate time for relaxation and entertainment but be busy all the time with creative activities. The couch and the TV are the biggest enemies lurking within your home. Fight them and get out of that lethargic lifestyle. Being active helps you keep fit and smiling all the time.