Change Your Eating Habits

Frying foods in lard, grease, oil, margarine, or butter adds huge amounts of calories to your meals and wrecks your weight loss program.

No Fried Foods

If you must fry something, use a non-stick pan or non-stick spray. Do not use your usual shortening or anything else. If you just have to use something, then use a tablespoon or less of olive oil. Eliminating fried foods from you diet will reduce your caloric intake by hundreds of calories per day.

If you cannot eliminate fried foods completly, at least minimize fried foods as much as possible

Going to those fast food joints and ordering burger, fries, and soft drink - when you say supersize me, you mean just that. There are so many calories in a meal like this that they will truly supersize you. Can’t you just hear the fat growing around your middle?

If you are short on time and the only way to get a meal is to go to a fast food (fat food) joint, then order things which are not deep fried or contain a lot of fat - hamburger contains about 25% fat or more. Many of these businesses offer roast beef and salads, which are much better choices. Some also have soup on the menu. French fries are a no-no. If you have to have french fries, split a small order with a friend.

Learn to steam, boil, broil, or bake everything you prepare for your meals. Or go outside and prepare your foods on the grill. In a week or two, this can become a habit. This is what you want, break those bad habits and replace them with good habits.