Some days you feel tired all the time, heavy bodied and low in energy. Sound familiar? This is your body giving you a warning sign that you’ve overdone it that you need to detox! Detoxing helps you clean out your bodies waste in a gentle and safe way, giving you back your energy and that sparkle in your eye. Your kidneys and liver will do the detoxing for you leaving you energised and with a clean fresh looking skin.

Detoxing is for the body and mind, both mentally and emotionally. Our minds and bodies are constantly being challenged and can get tired after a while if we don’t take a break. With detoxing we can relieve our bodies of worry and become more aware of ourselves and how we feel.

Many differing factors can cause a toxic state in the body, such as unhealthy food, polluted air, electromagnetic radiation, negativity and stress. Stress is the fight or flight impulse that comes from worry or fear. It can affect us in many ways, building up toxins in our colon and in our minds.

How do we detox?

Firstly you need to drink about 2 litres of mineral water a day, eat more raw food, including salads, and vegetables, drink herbal teas such as ginger and peppermint. Eat wholemeal food; try to avoid animal flesh, processed food, caffeine, chocolate, fizzy drinks, dairy products or eggs. Try to consume raw vegetable juices, and fruit juices, nuts, seeds, fruit, ginkgo Biloba, barley grass, wheat grass, or spirulina. By detoxing our vitality is increased and we are able to remove the toxins faster and more effectively. You can also discuss detoxing with a homeopathic doctor who will advise you on what your body needs.

To detox your body try to relax you body in a mineral salt bath, use essential oils such as rosemary, chamomile, pine and juniper. Exfoliate your body, and light candles, play relaxing music and take the time to read a book.

Many people feel that healthy eating makes them sick as detoxing can leave you lethargic, achy, light headed, headachy, or feeling fluey. It is also known to leave the tongue pasty and increase mucous in the mouth. However this is just your body cleaning its self and the process is essential to bring back your healthy body. If in doubt consult your doctor. Never detox when pregnant, menstruating, breastfeeding or when you are ill. If you have any medical conditions it would be a good idea to check with your doctor first before detoxing. People with eating disorders, diabetes, low blood sugar or anaemia should not follow a detox diet. Detox can be addictive, and if carried out for too long can lead to health problems such as eating disorders. Detoxing is something that should be done only on a short term basis; it is not to be used as a method to loose weight, but rather to cleanse the body.