Do Weight Loss Pills Work?

If 10 dieters take the same diet or weight loss pills and 8 of them lose weight, the diet drugs work, right? Not necessarily!

Suppose weight loss is followed by weight regain?
Suppose the diet drugs cause heart problems as well as weight loss?
Suppose the diet or weight loss medications become addictive?
Weight Loss is Not the Only Test for Diet Pills

Weight loss is not the only criteria by which to assess the effectiveness of diet pills. Weight loss is only one element.

Diet & Weight Loss Pills vs. Diet & Exercise Program

Suppose 100 dieters are divided into two diet groups. Group A is put on a weight loss diet and exercise program. Group B is given weight loss pills.

Suppose Group B dieters lose the same amount of weight as Group A? Does this mean the diet or weight loss pills are effective? Is this weight loss (achievable by normal dietary and exercise methods) worth the huge cost of diet pills and weight loss supplements? Is it worth risking your long term health?

Diet & Weight Loss Pills Work Best When….

You are seriously overweight (obese), or your weight poses health problems; and
You have tried a conventional weight loss diet & exercise plan, without success; and
Your doctor prescribes weight loss medication for you; and
The diet or weight loss drug is part of a proper diet and exercise program; and
Whatever weight loss pill you take, you follow manufacturer’s instructions; and
You revisit your doctor regularly to check whether the weight loss pills are working and be examined for side-effects; and
You use diet & weight loss drugs as a short-term aid to weight control.

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