Doing Exercise won’t fix obesity

Three researchers argued in an editorial about the possible causes of obesity and they reached to a decision that food industry played a primary role in this health problem. Moreover, food industry is not solely to blame her e for this because people lifestyles have also changed a lot.

Food industry did not pay attention of junk food and sugary drinks so they are now considered as major role player in making the people fat, said Dr Aseem Malhotra. Malhotra is a cardiologist at Frimley Park Hospital in UK. According to him, obesity and type 2 diabetes are the two major epidemics for which diet is responsible. Since most of the people do not pay attention to their health so they are effected by such epidemics easily. He also said that tactics of food industry to sell their items is very strange. User do not know what could be the health hazards of eating that food and thus finds himself strangled in obesity or diabetes after a few weeks.

Physical activity does not help to loss body weight, said Malhotra and his colleagues but other many experts disagree with his statement. There is a difference between proper exercise training and physical activity according to Gordon Fisher, an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. These both activities burn calories but exercise training is a structured and planned activity whereas physical activity can be walking or gardening etc.

This may not be an important point for many but it is critical to understand whether physical activity and exercises are really effective for people to lose weight, Fisher said. He told in an interview that people can reduce their weight by doing supervised exercise otherwise it will be useless to do an exercise as they will not get desired results.