Eating is a mental habit

If you look around in your city, the most flourishing service industry that is growing despite recession is the fitness industry. Gyms and fitness centers are doing brisk business come rain or shine. People seem to be flocking to these centers and these centers are working round the clock too. Gym instructors are making good in their career.

If you see the profile of the people who are heading to the gym, you will see the men and women in their early thirties and forties are making the beeline. They are the new age professionals who work hard and party hard. While many people believe that they are fitness conscious, the underlying fact is that their urban faced paced lifestyle habits are driving them to head for weight loss program.

It is quite ironic that they are putting aside their health to be able to concentrate on their careers and earn more only to end up spending the hard earned money to reduce their eating and reduce their weight and they have no time to have fun and enjoy their success.

Weight related problems have become a major problem in the urban society. The doctors will tell you that the lifestyle comprising of working extended hours with stress all the time, lack of physical activity and exercising coupled with the intake of beverages and soft drinks besides eating meat and fatty foods are responsible for the problems faced by you.

You will also be told that you are a potential victim for diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack and other related problems.

So all the roads lead to one destination, which is your eating habit. You are putting on weight because you are eating more than your body needs and the extra intake is getting converted and stored as fat. One way or the other the extra baggage is going to create a problem to you system.

But then, one important factor that most people do not tell you or deal with is the emotional or mental cause of over eating. We strongly believe that the lifestyle is only a small part of the problem and the major problem to the eating habit and weight problem lies in the mental craving for food.

Any physical sensation including hunger originates first in the mind. The desire to eat which arises in the mind is then realized through the physical act of eating. The mind we know is a difficult faculty to control. Mind behaves very funny at times. When there is a emotionally threatening or stressful situation, the mind tries to push to body to over eat to build up some kind of counter force or emotional reaction. Since our urban lifestyle is full of stress and anxiety, we tend to over eat all the time.

Secondly when bored, the mind tends to push us to eat more. Most of us do a lot of mindless TV watching and eating junk food like chips while watching TV, which directly gets stored as fat deposit in the body. Whenever we are free and have nothing to do, we get into the habit of mindless eating and drinking.

Food is a mental craving more than just physical hunger. It is important to recognize this factor and analyze each individual case to be able to put a stop to overeating before heading to the gym for weight loss program.