Green tea and Hoodia - The Magic Weight Loss Combination

Green tea and Hoodia is the magic weight loss combination, imagine the one that pushes the fats away, and one that keeps it away. The combination is perfect for easy weight loss. The combined benefit of the two is similar to that of exercise and diet, only better and easier.

Green tea boast of burning fats, increase Thermogenesis, insulin and blood sugar regulation and lowering cholesterol. Hoodia, on the other hand, suppress the appetite, boosts energy and normalizes blood sugar levels. And with the fusion of the two, it is like a magic potion for weight loss.

Green tea burn fats efficiently because of catechin polyphenols which works well by oxidizing fats, this in turn increases thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the rate in which the body burns calories. An increase in such means that the calorie that is consumed by the body is ‘burned off’ more easily. The increase is said to last for almost 24 hours, thus even if green tea is only consumed once a day, its ‘caffeine effect’ would last longer. Insulin and blood is also found to be normalized by green tea. Cholesterol level is also lowered with green tea’s catechins, moreover, only the LDL or the bad cholesterol is affected.

Green tea is like exercise in food. This burns the fats just like exercise routines do, it also increases metabolic rate. Most of the effects of consuming green tea are comparable with exercise. This also helps in increasing energy expenses. This helps by using the consumed calories.

Hoodia, in turn, is like a successful diet that maintains food intake to its minimum. This creates the gap between the required calorie intake and the actual calorie consumed by the users. With it, the body automatically points to the stored energy to be burned off for energy expenditure. Thus, the body fats will be burned off more easily. A natural component of Hoodia also boosts energy level of the users which extends its capability from everyday activities up to a more active lifestyle. Hoodia also contains a blood sugar regulating component that also keeps sugar cravings away.

Hoodia is like a diet that is when combined with green tea ensures weight loss. Simply put, the fat burning ability of the green tea and the appetite suppressing ability of Hoodia is a weight loss miracle. This is a dual action that expels fats and keeps them away. And the best feature of both is that they are natural.