Hydroxycut is a thermogenic weight loss food supplement

Hydroxycut is a thermogenic weight loss food supplement, which is today quite available on the pharmaceutical market. The product has been used successfully by many people. There are various types of Hydroxycut specially formulated for certain groups of people. Normally, Hydroxycut contains the following ingredients: caffeine, ephedrine, garcinia cambogia extract, willow bark extract, green tea extract, chromium polynicotinate, etc.

Hydroxycut has a strong restorative effect. Some of its ingredients, such as caffeine and garcinia cambogia increase blood pressure and boost one’s energy. For caffeine-sensitive people, there is a caffeine-free version of Hydroxycut. Ephedrine has a similar, yet stronger effect. This may be counter-indicative for many people, so some manufacturers have moved over to ephedrine-free products. Garcinia cambogia contains Hydroxycitric acid, which is responsible for burning calories by way of thermogenesis.

Hydroxycut is a much advertised product, although there is a lot of debate over its efficacy and adverse side effects. There are no restrictions imposed on its sales, so you should beware of low quality and fake products. This food supplement is not recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.