Is Your Life In Order ?

Life is a roller coaster ride. No two days are the same. As our life seems to be getting pretty easier and more sophisticated, the lifestyle is also brining out newer problems and confronting us.

It is true that we do not have to physically struggle a lot today. We have all kinds of aids and appliances that make our lives simpler and easier. Today we are living in the age of speed and thought. Mental activities are dominating our lives and our jobs are getting to be more and more based on intellectual abilities and not physical abilities.

As a being, man is a complicated animal. Physiologically and otherwise we are far more advanced than the rest of the living creatures. Every generation is getting to be more and more advanced than the previous generation.

One of the increasing tendencies seen today is the increasing acceptance of psychological treatment and recognition of psychological problems facing the mankind than ever before. As our society is getting to be more and more sophisticated, the need to understand the complex psychological make up of human beings and their relative effect on the physiology is being understood.

Doctors have now begun to detect patterns and understand how individuals behave in certain patterns as a response to the outside environment and the effect it has on his body. More and more people are flocking to the psychiatrists in increasing numbers. Depression and urban stress seems to be on the increase amongst people. There is a constant struggle to keep up and be ahead in the race. Work stress as well as financial stress and commitments are taking its toll on people. Most working and corporate individuals are seen to be living in stress as well as fears. Complexes too are beginning to surface in majority off people.

In our modern day society, physical lifestyle has improved a lot. But what about the personal relationship and the quality of life? Relationships are getting redefined and more and more complex. The last few decades have seen increasing rate of divorces amongst families and the children are growing up with all sorts of psychological problems. The equation between the married and working couple has also changed over the past few decades. With more and more women focusing on education and employment, they are aggressively pursuing careers even at the cost of a relationship and married life as well as family. The expectations of the woman from her man and her family have changed. The man has now to understand and change himself to be able to fit into the new kind of expectations and role.

People are increasingly getting to be more and more vulnerable. With having to face all sorts of uncertainties in terms of relationships, in terms of job, financial security and having to struggle to keep up with fast paced life, the stress is beginning to show up in people in the form of obesity. Un consciously people under stress begin to follow irregular sleeping and eating pattern. They end up eating and binging on fat and junk food as well as soft drinks and unhealthy food. It is an established fact that when people are under stress, they tend to eat more. The psychological make up of the mind comprehends some kind of fear and warms the body which in turn begins to store up energy to combat the perceived stress full situation. Thus the individual ends up eating more and more to beat the stress and becomes overweight only to land up with health problems. Eating is never the solution to one’s problems and this realization does not come easily.

So if the above lifestyle seems familiar to you, then you too are running the risk of falling prey to being overweight and heading for trouble with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood sugar and hypertension as well as heart attack etc.

Wake up today and make changes to your lifestyle to be able to live meaning full life and to live well.