Kefir diet

Kefir diet after plentiful feasts

Individual overeating will not bring superfluous kilos. Constant gluttony harms also completeness. If you have overeaten behind a celebratory table, it is important not to continue tradition. Fermentable systems of body not so quickly adapt to reception and processing of the raised quantity of food. Therefore unitary its raised consumption will lead only to increase in that excrement weights which will leave you next day.

But here is how the second day is dangerous of possible addition of kilos. After a holiday you notice that you have a greed to meal, appetite grows. And all the matter is that the body already began to be reconstructed. Here is the time to be suffered and endured slightly. Recall how you pleasantly ate yesterday. And it compensates your today’s poor table. A feast and a hang-over. It is necessary to learn correctly to worry this.

How to behave next day after a holiday on which have been destroyed with appetite a hen, fried potatoes, a bilberry pie, a pie “ant hill” and some glasses of martini?

A fasting kefir diet
The eaten numerous food will not be reflected to your shape if next day you limit caloric content of the meal:
Breakfast - a glass of kefir, a slice of the dried bread
The second breakfast - 2 apples, a glass of kefir
Dinner - vegetable salad, beetroot salad or a sauerkraut
Mid-morning snack - a glass of kefir
Supper - a piece of cheese, apples
Before bed - a glass of kefir or milk
Other versions of a kefir diet:
Breakfast - kefir
The second breakfast - juice
Dinner - boiled fish
The mid-morning snack - fruits, is better - apples
Supper - a carrot baked pudding, a piece of bread
Before sleep – a glass of kefir

The breakfast will be only kefir. But during lunch or as speak in the people - during 2nd breakfast amuse your soul with 2 slices of cheese and a cup of hot black coffee. Coffee can be replace with kind of Indian tea.

Dinner - a piece of boiled fast meat or fried meat on a dry frying pan, vegetable salad in unlimited quantity and 1 boiled egg. If to you there are enough meat with salad, it is not necessary to push into itself. Can eat it during a mid-morning snack when will drink a glass of kefir. A supper - tea with mint and St. John’s wort and 2 pieces of cheese. For the night a glass of kefir.

Fruits-vegetable kefir diet - one more possible way to fast diring summer time. It will be very useful to fast when the table bursts with the fresh, just collected fruits. For carrying out that in your refrigerator you need fresh carrots, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, a sheep cheese and certainly kefir.

For a breakfast prepare for yourself smart salad from the crude carrots wiped on a small grater, filled with vegetable oil and a glass of kefir.

Lunch consists only of one or two ripe and juicy apples. A dinner even more magnificent - salad from tomatoes, cucumbers, small cut or grated cabbage, filled with a sheep cheese and a glass of kefir. A mid-morning snack - apples. A supper - salad from tomatoes with salty or fresh-salted cucumbers. A dry slice of bread. For the night - a glass of kefir. This all are very useful both at excess weight, and at urolithiasis illness, both at a hypertension and at an atherosclerosis.

Kefir-vegetable diet, kefir-fruit diet, kefir-juice and other kefir diets which are exclude fish and meat, are comprehensible to the vegetarians and are rather useful for sick of an atherosclerosis and that who is tormented by locks.

With vegetative food the body receives vitamins, mineral salts, organic acids, cellulose, pectic substances and carbohydrates. And kefir improves intestines mycroflora, brings easily acquired proteins, a quantity of perfectly acquired fats and calcium…

The exception of meat, fish and other products that have animal protein prevents occurrence of some diseases, including level of cholesterol and, risk of development of an atherosclerosis decreases. Vegetarians assert that reduction or full replacement of meat products to fruits, vegetables, kefir improves the memory, aggravates mind and introduces composure.

The body “has a rest” from fat dishes, smoked products, meat and salty fish. Besides, at that time the person is as though compelled to think properly over how to expand the menu at the expense of assortment of vegetables, berries, fruit, mushrooms and greens… or goes by the way of a variety of a diet that is rather useful as scientists speak, for improvement and restoration of a normal metabolism.

Here also gradualness of the course needed. If you used to eat meat three times a day at first vegetarians advise, try to pass to that diet when meat products are used only once a day.

In the evening drink a glass of kefir. In such conditions it is necessary to spend not less than two weeks. And only after such beginning it is possible to start weight loss with kefir-vegetable or fruit-kefir days. And 2 month later you can try pure kefir day or 18-hour starvation:
Breakfast - pass the Dinner - pass

Supper - vegetable salad with vegetable oil, a slice of the dried bread.

Before sleep – a glass of kefir. Drink liquids (it is better - mineral or spring water) in any quantity.