Key to Weight Loss is in Body Metabolism & Life Style

Who doesn’t want to loose weight and look good? This is a battle that most of us fight all through our lives. There are so many people who enroll into fitness and wellness clinics and spend a few thousand dollars trying to loose weight, only to find that once they are back to their normal life, the weight that they had shed has returned again. So if you are one of those who is wanting to loose weight, better sit down and give it a serious thought. You probably have to understand a lot more about health and nutrition as well as your body type and metabolism etc before you decide that you really want to loose weight.

The first question you have got to answer to yourself is whether you are over weight and obese? If your body mass is as per the requirement then probably you should not be loosing weight, instead to get into shape you may want to exercise and build a flexible and athletic body.

On the other hand if your body weight is much higher than your body mass index you do need to loose weight immediately. The dangers of carrying the extra weight can cause problems to your health. You probably find it tough to carry that extra burden of the weight and must be feeling fatigue and tired by the end of the day. Obesity also affects the metabolism and affects your blood pressure, heart function as well as cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. As the internal body mechanisms are all interlinked and connected one problem can quickly lead to another and so on.

If you have found out that you do need to loose weight, the best option for you is to go to a medical expert or a fitness expert and try to workout a lifestyle which will ensure that you start living healthy. Making changes to your lifestyle will help you not only loose weight but retain the benefits of having lost weight and continue maintaining the same. You would need to understand how the body uses up the calories derived out of the food that you consume and how extra calories are stored up by the body as fat. This understanding will give you to clue to managing your own body better.

Lifestyle changes will involve looking at how you eat, how your physical activities are scheduled, your psychological and emotional balance as well as stress levels, sleep pattern as well as other body functions etc.

A healthy diet is the first step involved in weight reduction. This will involve reducing on the calorie content and the type of food that you are probably consuming today and making changes to include healthy and nutritious balance of fruits, vegetables, diary products with light meat so that the body is able to get all the minerals, vitamins as well as carbohydrates and proteins required for the building blocks. What is important is to ensure that you do not consume calories more than what is required for the body.

The second important step is to increase the physical activity in terms of regular exercising. Exercising all parts of the body including cardio vascular exercises will not only help reduce the weight by burning calories, but increase the heart function and improve overall metabolism and body flexibility. You fitness expert will be the right person to work out the exercise regimen along with you.

Apart from this it is important to achieve a life work balance to be able to maintain a perfect weight. A good night’s sleep of seven to eight hours is a Must for a healthy balance.