Live healthy and live well

Obesity is a modern day problem that is assuming epidemic proportions all over the world. With technological advances and materialistic advances made by the society, we seem to be now countering some of the affects of modern day living.

Loosing weight seems to be the need of the people all over the world barring few countries. The need to loose weight is not limited to any particular age group or gender. People from all walks of life from the children, youth to young men and women as well as aged persons are suffering from obesity related problems. However the worrying factor is the increase of obesity amongst the younger population which is likely to affect the health of the population.

If you are obese, then you would need to loose weight as fast as possible, before it can hamper your health. Being overweight means that your body weight is more than the required Body Mass Index which denotes the ideal weight required for your body size.

By being overweight you will find it difficult to carry and manage your own body weight. You find that your fat body saps your energy levels leaving you panting and gasping for breadth while climbing stairs or walking for a while. You tend to feel increasingly lethargic and mentally lazy too. Your productivity gets hampered due to your being overweight.

If wanting to be fit and handsome does not enthuse you to take up exercising and loosing weight to gain a fit body, then perhaps knowledge of what can go wrong with your health and the risks you are exposing yourself to may prompt you to loose weight.

Being overweight means you are inviting medical complications which can turn fatal too. At an early age you could be inviting hypertension, imbalance in blood sugar levels, diabetes mellitus, increasing Cholesterol as well as obstructive sleep apnea etc. Once these systems get affected, they in turn affect all the vital organs and functions of the body including the heart, kidneys as well as liver. Heart attacks, Kidney failure, cancer, diabetes caused blindness etc are some of the consequences leading out of being overweight.

Being overweight not only affects the physical health of the body, but the general lifestyle of the person as well as his mental health and emotional health too. In many cases relationships can get affected when a person continues to put on weight and does not willingly engage in battling for weight loss. The body weight slows down the physical response and reflexes of the person. It also slows down the functions of the brain and makes him dull. A sense of lethargy takes over the person which then leads to depression.

Loosing weight can be a difficult task for the person if he is obese. First of all it calls for a lot of conviction and will power to make up one’s mind to work towards loosing weight. Loosing weight does call for a lot of physical strain and activity. This is made possible only when the person is willing and motivated enough to expend the physical energy and keep at it.

Many time friends and close relatives like a spouse, daughter or son etc can help motivate the obese person to take up a course or work out to loose one’s weight. You can also find a local support group of people who have gone through similar weight loss program who can help you in your journey.