Loosing Weight, Better Watch Out

Women normally tend to give a lot of attention to their body shape and weight. Not many are really worried about the healthy aspect of their body fat but on the aesthetic aspect of it. Isn’t it a natural desire of all women to have a shapely body?

With normally aging process the physical body however maintained strictly tends to put on weight. But then most women are very conscious of this and try various means of dieting and exercising to loose weight.

Women’s attitude towards being thin or average or fat is dependant upon men’s attitude as well as the cultural outlook prevalent in that particular society. While some societies prefer their women to be well rounded and with good body weight, there are many societies where fat women are considered to be lazy and looked down upon.

Educated and working women in America and Europe largely believe in having pencil thin bodies. They are perpetually on a diet and nibbling on food and watching what they eat. Then there are also people who keep eating all the time without control over their tongue and stomach. Overeating can be a disorder too, arising out of extreme stress, emotional disturbance and also due to hormonal or metabolic abnormalities in the body.

Many times women suddenly begin to loose weight without any conscious effort from their end. The weight loss can be sudden and quite a lot thereby causing extreme fatigue and other related conditions. If you start noticing suddenly that you have been feeling tired during the day and do not seem to have sufficient energy levels to see you through the day then it indicates that there is something wrong with your body.

Unintentional loss of weight can be attributed to several conditions. It calls for careful observance of one’s metabolism as well as diagnostic tests to determine the exact cause. Do not be happy that you are loosing weight. This is something that you should worry about and investigate thoroughly.

Normally women who lead hectic and overstressed life tend to develop hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. In case of hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland begins to produce the hormones in excess of the requirement and thus causes the metabolic rate to increase, which in turn burns up the fat accumulated in the body and thus the weight loss results. If this condition were to continue for a while the body looses all the fat deposits and begins to suffer from weight loss problems.

The next time you notice that your cloths are beginning to feel loose and your waist is measuring lesser in inches, do get a battery of tests done and exact cause determined to ensure you remain healthy. Weight loss can also occur due to on set of many other medical conditions like diabetes, Cancer and AIDS etc. In such cases the weight loss can be severe and more apparent.

It is always better to have a healthy body with its natural constitution of being fat or thin but healthy rather than trying to reduce weight intentionally and disturbing the natural balance of the body.