Metabo925 - Bestseller For Weight Loss

Although Metabo925, is a best-seller for weight loss, it is accused of being harmful to health since experts say its main ingredients closely resemble harmful drugs.

According to one expert, Metabo925 is just like amphetamine like speed, an herbal version of speed. It is also a natural diuretic and a laxative and that’s what causes weight loss. You get an increase in metabolism, you go to the bathroom a little more. Those things combined usually result in weight loss.

According to the Metabo925 Web site, the company says the dietary supplement is a natural herbal formula of 18 different ingredients. The two main components are guarana, a caffeine alkaloid, and mahuan, an ephedrine alkaloid. The other ingredients include bee pollen, ginger, goldenseal, sasparilla and Siberian ginseng.

Although Herbal diet pills may be thought of as safe, the best advice is to eat right and exercise.