Phentermine No Prescription

Phentermine is a weight loss aid. Phentermine helps you to control your appetite during and after a weight loss plan. If you are serious about losing the weight, exercise and eating right is going to boost your weight loss plan so you will see results faster than ever!

Phentermine is a medication that should not be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing as all the side effects are not known, and that this can be harmful to your developing baby. Phentermine should not be used by men or women who have a history or known heart problems, high blood pressure or by men or women who have kidney or liver problems.

The best way that you can use Phentermine is by taking this pill about an hour before you are going to eat a meal. This includes before eating breakfast. If you are a person that is constantly on the go, taking Phentermine when you first get up in the morning will help you get this medication in your system before you start to get hungry.

You should never take more than your allotted Phentermine at one time. If you skip or forget a dose of Phentermine, just continue with your next pill and never double up on dosages.

Phentermine can make you a little more nervous or excited than when you are not taking Phentermine. You should not be taking Phentermine late at night or at least four hours before going to bed as it could cause restlessness.

Those who are using Phentermine to lose weight can take Phentermine up to twelve weeks at a time. It is suggested that if you need to continue taking Phentermine to help you control your weigh that you wait at least one week before you start taking Phentermine again to let your body relax a bit from the weight loss and the added stress of dieting.

Ordering Phentermine online is easy, follow and read all of the pages on this site for more information about how Phentermine prescriptions are written and dispensed.