Starting Your Weight Loss Lifestyle

Permenant weight loss requires changing your habits. Some of you may be able to change your eating habits all at once, others will have to go one step at a time in order to succeed in their own weight loss program. It takes two to three weeks to establish a new habit.

Where Do You Start Changing Your Lifestyle?

Weight loss cannot be accomplished when consuming large quantities of sugar.

Added sugars are the #1 obstacle in weight loss.

Many people today drink Pepsi, Coke, or other drinks loaded with sugar, all day and night. So I believe we need to make that number 1. Drinking these heavily sweetened drinks give you 1,000 - 2,000 - even 3,000 calories per day. How can weight loss occur when consuming such large quantities of sugar.

Switch to diet drinks, water, or anything without sugar added in order for weight loss to happen for you. Some cannot stand the taste of diet sodas. If you just have to have that sweet taste, try sugarfree Koolaid, it has a very sweet taste.

If you are drinking anything with sugar added, switch to artificial sweetener or to another drink altogether. Natural is heathier, but if you have to have the sweetness, artificial sweetener is probably healthier than excessive weight.

You also need to avoid any foods with sugar added. Canned foods often have sugar added - read the label. Of course fresh foods are best, but canned or frozen foods are more convenient - just read the labels.

Most of the desserts we eat are also loaded with sugar. Switch to sugar-free desserts or have some fruit for a treat. Please remember that you must eliminate this huge supply of calories for weight loss.

Step #1 in changing your habits to assume a slender lifestyle is to minimize added sugar in your diet. For many of you, just eliminating sugar from your diet will result in weight loss.

You can’t expect to achieve a leaner body by continuing your unhealthy eating habits. This isn’t to say that you should drop everything in your diet immediately and exchange it for healthy food. You would end up miserable and revert back to your old habits within a month. Instead, practice moderation and don’t overindulge. Also, phase certain unhealthy foods out of your diet while introducing healthier foods. The transition will be easier to make and a lot easier to maintain.