The Right Way To Loose Weight

Many people think of diet as a good solution for weight loss instead of weight management and healthy living. But in most of time quick weight-loss regimens and special diets often fail. It’s hard to continue with a diet that severely limits our choices since most of us like to eat! And we need a well-balanced variety of foods to have the energy to keep going and maintain health.

That’s why it is better to focus your efforts on gradual improvement in eating habits and lifestyle for lasting results. Just by eliminating some high-calorie food items daily or even weekly and getting more exercise will produce results.

Here are some successful tips that showed positive results:

Most alcoholic drinks are high in calories with little nutrition, so cut back.

Try a low-calorie breakfast bar, an apple or two, and some fruity yogurt.

How about a nice slice of leftover chicken breast for some protein? Or a bagel with a few slices of cheese? Or try any lean cut of meat, perhaps sliced roast beef or a broiled pork chop, leftover from dinner the night before. Top with lettuce, tomato, and onion, throw in a piece of fruit, and you’ve got a light, delicious lunch. If you don’t eat meat, try some leftover pasta with a little olive oil, broccoli, pine nuts, and grated cheese and pop it in the office microwave or enjoy it at room temperature.

Bring a banana or two and some nuts for a mid-morning snack.

Limit your salt intake. Too much sodium can cause you to retain fluids that may interfere with breathing
Pack a healthy lunch once in awhile instead of eating out.

Cut down on fatty meats. If you’re big on steaks and burgers, don’t stop eating them. Just try chicken or fish once in awhile but skip the heavy sauces that often come with them.

Order a veggy burger at your favorite restaurant. Some of those burgers are downright delicious. Topped with a slice of cheese, you might not even know the difference between a veggy and a regular burger.

Instead of potato or corn chips as a crunchy snack, try pretzels or plain popcorn. But if popcorn without butter sounds like the equivalent of cardboard, try sprinkling a little parmesan cheese and black pepper on it.

Try to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, and make your meals attractive and enjoyable.

Avoid foods that supply little or no nutritional value.

Avoid foods that produce gas or make you feel bloated. The best process to use in eliminating foods from your diet is trial and error.