Using Common Sense Method to begin Weight Loss program

You take any advertisement on the TV, open any magazines or blogs on Internet, all are screaming out loud about healthy lifestyle and weight loss program. One industry that seems to be doing well during recession and bad times seems to be the fitness industry.

Weight loss and diet seems to be the conversation dominating coffee and dinner tables as well as telephone conversations and office gossip.

Suddenly people are waking up to the fact that we are living in a fast paced urban society where our lifestyle has changed beyond recognition. Accordingly we should have changed out food habits but since this has not happened, it has resulted in people getting fat and invited related problems.

Earlier on people tended to do a lot of physical work and to get energy they used to eat very heavy meals loaded with meat and fat but could burn it easily during the day. But we have continued eating the same but are not doing as much physical labor and ending up storing the excess consumption in the form of fat.

Things are not as bad it looks. There is no need for you to panic. At the first instance unless you are too overweight beyond normal, there is no need for you to go to a gym. We would suggest that you first alter your lifestyle and habits and make the required changes to your diet by yourself and if you are able to sustain a new habit for over six months you will not need to go to the gym at all.

Do a bit of research on the Internet and find out all about health risks of over eating, healthy foods for weight loss and understand in detail about food preparation, consumption and calorie values.

First of all understand one fact that eating or over eating is a mental craving or uncontrolled desire for certain kinds of food. Therefore you first battle is to control your mind. Make a small poster that says ‘ I eat for Living and Not Live for Eating’ and stick it on the fridge. This slogan has a lot of meaning. Ponder over it and you will gain more comprehension into controlling your mind and drive to eat. Strictly avoid eating as a solution to face a stressful situation.

Secondly start disciplining yourself and your eating habits. Eat only at proper times and have healthy breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch at noon, evening tea followed by early dinner. Avoid eating junk and snacking strictly at other times. During these times eat small portions of all dishes and do not overload your stomach with too much of quantity.

Drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday. Along with keeping your body well hydrated and removing toxins, it cleans your digestive tract and to a certain extent helps relive false hunger pans.

Next look at your diet. Cut down on all fats. Stop shallow frying and cooking food with fatty oils and instead go for raw, baked or sautéed and boiled food items. Use non-stick utensils for cooking, which will help you, reduce the oil content. Stop eating red meat and switch over to lean meat like chicken breast, fish and eggs. This not only helps you reduce the calorie and fat content of your food but also is a healthier option, as red meat in the long run is not harmful to the body. Very importantly eat a balanced and nutrient diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, salads, diary products and lean meat. Your intake should have balanced portions of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates in required quantity.

At the end, avoid partying heavily except on weekends, avoid excessive alcohol consumption and intake of sugar and sweets.

Last but not the least, exercise and go for brisk walk of jog everyday for one to one and half hours in the least. End your day early and sleep early and sleep tight.

Remember the saying ‘Early to bed, Early to Rise, makes a Man , Healthy, Wealthy and Wise’.