We All Want To Be Slender

Whatever diet people try, 95% never lose more than a few pounds - most experience no weight loss at all.

Develop a Slender Lifestyle to Take Off Weight and Keep It Off

You will become slimmer, sexier, and more popular.

And I am not joking. I have seen the results for myself and for others.

Lose 20 pounds (only if you are at least 20 pounds over your ideal weight) and you will be amazed at the difference in the way others approach you, regard you, treat you.

What Does Work?

When I was managing the grocery and frozen food departments in a small grocery years ago, packaged diet meals were just starting to show up in grocery stores.

Customers would ask “where is your diet department?” These had not filtered down to the smaller stores as yet, so I would direct them to the best diet department in any grocery store, even today - the produce department.

The Best Low Fat - Low Calorie Foods On the Planet

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be the mainstay of your diet. Raw, steamed, baked, boiled, or broiled, they contain few calories. Add seasoning and herbs to enhance the flavor, it’s those sauces, sugar and butter/margarine we add that puts calories into any dish.

Add seafood, poultry, or a small portion of lean meat, steamed, baked, boiled, or broiled, and you have a meal. Use seasonings and herbs to enhance the flavor of these as well.

You Should Be Active

Be active at least 30 minutes each day. Go out and play with your kids, go for a walk in the park, play an active game, golf, anything that requires movement.

Exercise - almost a dirty word to some. But everyone should get some exercise. When I had trouble with my back, my chiropractor advised me to walk one mile a day until I could do it in 15 minutes. This was to get the cardiovascular benefit.

When I could walk one mile in 15 minutes, I should start walking 2 miles until I could do it in 30 minutes, then three miles until I could do it in 45 minutes, then 4 miles in 60 minutes.

Walking strengthens the back as well as burns calories. You should pick a low impact activity which suits your lifestyle and physical condition - consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise or diet. At the very least, exercise three days per week. I walk 6 days per week, a total of 24 miles per week.

Exercise a Minimum of 30 minutes per day. Your body will burn blood sugar for the first 20 minutes, then it will start burning fat. So if you don’t exercise more than 20 minutes, your body will simply be hungry to replace blood sugar and you will not burn any fat.

Change Your Eating Habits Today To Become Slender, Sexy, And More Popular

Even after you lose your excess weight, you still need to follow the methods I have outlined here to maintain a slender lifestyle forever. Begin changing your eating habits today.

You can’t expect to achieve a leaner body by continuing your unhealthy eating habits. This isn’t to say that you should drop everything in your diet immediately and exchange it for “healthy” food. You would end up miserable and revert back to your old habits within a month. Instead, practice moderation and don’t overindulge. Also, phase certain unhealthy foods out of your diet while introducing healthier foods. The transition will be easier to make and a lot easier to maintain.