Weight gaining diets, leads to death

Diet is important but healthy diet is more important. Protein in diet is necessary for human being but excess of this may increase the risk of heart disease. It also increases the risk of obese and cause for death.

Replacement of protein by carbohydrates and fats may help to reduce the weight. A Spanish long term study suggest that high amount of protein is very harmful for human. When we use protein in food in replacement of carbohydrates, it increases 90% risk of weight gain and 59% risk of death, Researcher said. Similarly protein instead of fats increases 66% of death risk.

This research clearly denies the use of high protein diet as a weight lose strategy, said Monica Bullo. This research just explains the relationship between food protein, death and obesity. This research does not explain its cause and effects. Bullo is not clear that how high protein enhance the weight of the people and also not too much clear about the early death rate.

It is noted that protein produces kidney disease, metabolism, sugar level, and fats in blood. Researcher did research on 7000 men and women who were 55 year old, free from heart problems. They filled a questionnaire about protein that they used in food in last five years roughly. All of the participants had type 2 and type 3 diabetes; moreover some had blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol and other heart diseases.

Dr. Gregg Fonarow said high protein diet got interest of people because it loses weight in short period of time. He added that some research suggested that use of protein in teen age may have a high risk of death sooner. But it is also said that protein comes from animals is more dangerous than plants. Animal proteins produce heart disease and diabetes. So on the basis of this study, protein diet comes from plants is better for health and decrease the risk of fatal diseases.