Weight Loss and Slimming Teas

Obesity and stress seem to be the gift of modern urban lifestyle. In fact they are generally referred to as Lifestyle diseases. Due to the rapid advancement of technology has changed the way we live and work. Physical work and walking have been replaced by electronic and technology driven gadgets and appliances that make work easy with no physical exertion from our end. Walking has been replaced by driving as well as doing shopping, banking and other transactions on the internet which otherwise would have involved lot of physical activity of going to places to conduct our business.

Coupled with the above we seem to have stopped consuming home cooked food and have replaced it with pre cooked and frozen food besides eating out and eating junk food which add nothing but additional calories and fat to our body. When our intake of calories goes up much more than what our body needs, the extra intake gets converted as fat. Lack of physical exercise also adds to the problem whereby we do not burn the energy we generate by consuming food.

Many people believe that just by joining a gym some people think that they will be able to loose weight. But the fact is that weight management requires a holistic approach. You should follow a strict diet coupled with exercising. Additionally those who are in the habit of consuming beverages should replace their intake with slimming tea as alternative for it holds the key to your strategy of weight management.

Green Teas contain several minerals like Chromium, Zinc, and Manganese etc. They also contain polypheols and catechins, which have anti oxidant properties. These specific constituents of green teas initiate thermo genesis process in the body that helps increase the metabolism besides increasing the body temperature and instigates oxidation of fat. Gradually the body fat gets burnt and the weight starts reducing.

Benefits of slimming teas or green tea are not limited to the above. It helps in reduction of cholesterol as well as insulin in the body besides helping clear up the toxins in the body.

Extensive research and case studies have gone into understanding of the contribution of Green and Herbal Teas in weight loss management and the benefits have been recorded. A study published by American journal of Clinical Nutrition established that the thermogenic property of the Green Tea helped promote fat oxidation, increased metabolism and lead to reduction of weight significantly. A similar study in 2005 showed that with consumption of green tea, which contained about 690 mg of catechins over 12 weeks, resulted in significant weight loss.

Once you have inculcated the habit of drinking herbal and green teas, you will find that a overall change in not only in your body fitness but in your general disposition as well as the beauty of the skin too.

However as a part of holistic program of weight management, you should change your entire lifestyle and include physical exercising like brisk walk for one hour followed with Yoga exercises, besides adding proper diet. Besides this you should also change your pattern of work and practice work and life balance. Meditation and yoga, especially Pranayama or breathing exercise also help maintain a slim, fit and healthy body.