Weight Loss Diets

At any given point of time there are millions of people all over the world, searching through various channels for that one elusive wonder weight loss diet that will transform their overweight self, into a sculpted figure. Weight loss diets are so popular that there are people who have always been on some kind of crazy diet or the other throughout their lives. Call it a fetish or eccentricity but people actually rely on weight loss diets more than any other thing, when it comes to weight loss.

At this point let’s pose a question; Do weight loss diets actually help?

Yes and no!

Maybe you are one of the lucky few who have done their research well and managed to find a diet that is just right for you, according to your specific needs and to top it all you also have managed to get your diet approved by your doctor. If that’s the case, nothing like it! But if that one wonder diet still eludes you and in search of it you are losing your health, we can help you in choosing a proper weight loss diet. Just follow these guidelines:

• Do not go for “quick fixes”. Go for a diet program that promotes a safe and realistic weight loss of 1 — 2 pounds a week. Look for a diet that is not too restrictive in calories. There are certain hazards attached to diets too low in calories. They are:

o Slowing of the body’s metabolism so that you actually burn less calories, making weight loss very difficult.
o Deprivation from a restrictive diet often leads to Bingeing.
o Muscle will be used for fuel when the calories are too low. Muscle is an active tissue that burns calories. As you lose muscle, your metabolism will slow down.

• The program should promote behavior changes, because just about any weight loss diet will lead to weight loss but programs that point out your faulty eating behavior will help you in long term, weight loss induced by them will be there to stay.

• Good weight loss diets always incorporate exercise as an important component. The benefits of exercise include:

o Burning calories.
o Preserving the body’s muscle.
o Promoting positive psychological benefits and
o Physical health benefits like decreasing cardiovascular risk.

• One particularly bizarre thing about some of the weight loss diets is that they advice you to eat only a particular kind of food for a long period of time. Steer clear from such crazy tactics because you also know it, that you are not going to eat cabbage or salad or other low calorie foods for the rest of your life! And the moment you indulge in something that has a calorie content higher than 5 per serving, you are going to put on weight! Consistency in consuming less calories and burning more in your daily routine is necessary for weight loss, all else is bound to fail!

• Make sure the weight loss diet is nutritionally balanced and includes the RDAs (Required Daily Allowance) of all the required nutrients. The diet plan should be based on the Food Guide Pyramid and include a variety of foods from the different food groups. Diets that exclude certain food groups should be avoided; Any diet asking you to take more of this and less of that, is taking you on the wrong track, The key is portion control. Select a program that promotes variety and portion control, which is the sound, healthy way to eat for the long term. Remember, that all excess calories, whether protein, fat or carbohydrates, will be stored as body fat!

• The diet program should allow flexibility. This is the psychological twist as the mind tends to gravitate towards food that is ‘forbidden’, so instead of making all the rich food stuff seem more tempting then ever to your mind, opt for a flexible yet restrained approach towards your diet. And anyway are you really going to give up chocolate cake for your entire life? When it comes to eating, moderation is the key and not total abstinence!

• Seek a weight loss diet that does not solely rely on special foods, supplements or weight loss pills. A program should ideally aim at making you fit for life and one relying on the crutches of diet supplements and pills cannot do that for you.

Do remember the adage ’Different strokes for different folks’. Choose a program that fits your personality and lifestyle because you got to live with that plan and you should be able to do it at your own pace, after all you are doing it for yourself!
Lastly, do get your diet approved by your doctor because he being a specialist, does know what is best for you.

Weight loss diets must fulfill the above mentioned criterion, in order to be followed. A lot depends on the kind of choice you make and how earnestly you follow your dream of losing weight, so do check out all your options and start following your weight loss diet with grit and determination!