Weight Loss Strategy 4: Grazing

Another strategy to aid in your weight loss program is to give up the idea of 3-meals-a-day and graze instead. Our digestive system is similar to apes and gorillas that nibble, or graze on food all day long (and do not suffer from obesity), yet we have developed a very different pattern of eating. The idea of eating two or three large meals a day may not be ideal for our digestive system, and certainly not for our weight. This overload of calories forces the body to put more energy into fat storage and to produce more of the fat-storing enzyme to help out in the process.

Spacing the day’s intake of food into 6 small meals to be nibbled on throughout the day is a great help for weight loss. It not only provides the body with fewer calories which can easily be burned off, but also keeps blood sugar levels even making us feel better mentally and physically and providing us with plenty of energy.

If you’re on the go or don’t get much time to eat during the day, make sure your choices are easy and portable.

Example day:
8 am: 1 poached egg, slice of whole grain toast
10 am: 1 carton fat-free yogurt
12 noon: Chef salad with turkey/lean ham, fat-free dressing
2 pm: Low sodium V-8 juice, raw veggies
4 pm: slice low-fat cheese, 1 piece of fruit
6pm: 4oz fish, 2 cups cooked vegetables
8pm: 1/2c fiber cereal, 3Tb raisins, 1/2c skim milk

This style of eating not only provides you with the nutrients you need, but keeps you satisfied with far fewer calories. Try to keep in mind: if you take in more than a few hundred calories at a time, you are just fueling your fat!