Weight Loss Strategy No. 1: Thin Eating Habits

Thin people and overweight people differ in the way they eat. Most thin people eat when they are hungry, not just because food is in front of them. They usually eat until they are full and then stop. Thin people may do these things without ever giving them a thought. You will, however, need to make a conscious effort to develop some of these new habits and practice them until they become second nature. To become a thin person yourself it is important that you develop “thin eating habits.”

One skill you should work on is slowing down your rate of eating. Overweight people are inclined to take large bites of food and to put in another mouthful before they’re done swallowing the first. From now on, try to eat at a leisurely pace. Since it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register you’ve eaten enough, try to use some tricks to extend your meals and control your intake:

  • Drinking water with meals fills the stomach more rapidly
  • Take small bites of food and put your fork down between bites
  • Never eat directly from a serving container. Always measure out your portion and put it on your plate so you are fully aware of how much you are eating
  • Don’t take seconds. If you’re still hungry when you’ve finished your allotment, wait 20 minutes before eating more. By this time you will probably feel satisfied, and if not, allow yourself a small portion more.
  • Always eat sitting down so that you are not rushed, you can enjoy your meal, and you can focus on your eating habits
  • Next, think about where you consume your food: Is it always at the table, or do you eat in front of the refrigerator, in your car, in the TV room or by the candy machine at work? Pick some designated eating areas, preferable with tables, and try to limit all your eating to those areas alone. This will help cut down on a lot of unintentional “cheats” and help you break the habit of grabbing food and eating it at the wrong time or place.

Remember that when you eat is another important factor to consider. To be thin you will want to space your meals in such a way that you eat more in the morning and less at night. Try not to go too long without eating. Smaller, well-spaced meals are better for blood sugar and insulin levels, energy level, and metabolism.