Weight Loss Strategy No. 6: How To ‘Undo’ It When You’ve ‘Overdone’ It

Everyone overdoes it on eating once in a while, whether it’s at a party, during the holidays, after a stressful day at work, or due to hormones. While an occasional slip-up does not doom you to failure, you should learn what a “binge” will do to your body and learn what you can do to compensate.

Bingeing On A Weight Loss Program Is Understandable

When you try to lose weight you cut back or cut out altogether many foods you feel you can do without -particularly those high in fat, sugar and calories. The funny thing is, the more you try to go without something, the more you seem to want it. Many people find that just the thought of beginning a weight loss program can increase their appetite and cause them to develop cravings for foods they may not normally even want. Also, if you allow yourself to get hungry, the body responds by intensifying the hunger pangs and cravings for easily digested carbohydrates, especially sugar. Once you get started on a binge it’s sometimes hard to stop because the body likes to replete itself. The overeating will help restore the fat cells that the body like keeping filled to feel secure.

Why One Binge Shouldn’t Make A Difference In The Long Run

The body’s energy balance is controlled over the period of a few days. If you overeat or undereat one day, the body adapts to this by increasing or decreasing the metabolism in attempts to either burn or conserve calories. Thus, overindulge one day and your body will do its best to burn off those extra calories during the next day or so. As long as you quickly return to your meal plan, your little deviation will most likely go unnoticed.

Why Continuing To Binge Will Make A Difference

To think you can continually binge without suffering the consequences is a mistake. The rise in metabolism is just a temporary means of maintaining the status quo. Soon, with enough overeating, your body will produce more of the enzymes that store fat and you will gain weight. When you overeat, your body will put a greater percentage of energy into its fat cells than it previously might have done.

How To Undo It When You Overdo it

Since the body balances its energy input/output over the course of a few days, the first way to correct for a binge is to cut back on your intake over the next day or so. If you over-ate carbohydrates, eat less of these. Another vitally important factor is exercise. That same day you over-ate or the very next day, do a good workout to burn off those extra calories and keep the metabolism raised. Finally, try not to fall into the cycle of bingeing/deprivation with all the psychological and physiological changes that accompany it. Following a good sound plan that allows treats in moderation will keep you satisfied and will leave you with positive feelings about your weight loss efforts.