Weight Loss Strategy No.2: How To Cheat On A Diet And Get Away With It

Everyone “cheats,” or indulges in something unintended, at some point in time. There are many reasons why. Sometimes a slip-up can be caused by hunger; other times eating is used as a cure for boredom. Whatever the case, if “cheating” is inevitable it would be wise to learn how to cheat properly. Pay attention to the guidelines below and commit them to memory. Any time you “get off track” with your eating, if you adhere to the order prescribed here it is unlikely you will do any real damage. So if you must deviate, do so in the following manner:

Always start with FREE FOODS. Pigging-out on sugar-free jello will not make you fat. A sugar-free beverage may fill your stomach and cure your sweet tooth without contributing to your caloric intake. A cup of broth, a sugar-free Popsicle, or a handful of fiber cereal may hold you over to your next planned meal or snack and curb your hunger.

If you do go “over” on your meal plan it should be from overeating foods in the VEGETABLE group. It is highly unlikely that you will ever eat so many vegetables that you slow down your weight loss progress. Get in the habit of reaching for raw veggies, a bowl of homemade vegetable soup, or a salad any time you start to feel hungry.

Your next best choice would be a serving of FRUIT. The naturally occurring sugar in the fruit will provide you with some quick energy and help kill a sugar craving. The fiber can help provide satiety. Too much fruit will put your carbohydrate intake over the top, so try to limit yourself to just one extra serving if you must.

If you’ve followed along in the order presented here and you’re still hungry, have a small serving of PROTEIN. Protein foods also help with satiety and will carry you to your next meal. Try a hard-boiled egg, a slice of turkey breast, a spoonful or two of cottage cheese or a slice of low-fat cheese.

Next, you can have a serving of COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATE, but only if you’ve eaten everything previously mentioned and are honestly still hungry. Pick a food high in fiber to really fill you up: a half cup of hot cereal, a serving of chick peas or other beans, a few Ry-krisp or wasa crackers, a half a microwaved sweet potato.

Finally, if you reach the point where you feel the need to consume a food from the FATS/EXTRAS group, then it’s time for you to state your goals out loud while standing on the scale in front of a mirror -naked! Interesting weight loss strategy, isn’t it?